Enjoy a day full of snorkeling,
scuba diving and sailing,
from Airlie Beach to the Whitsundays.

Get on board Illusions 2, a 12m luxury sailing catamaran, and explore Blue Pearl Bay and Langford Island with one of the longest running, family owned and operated, day cruises in Airlie Beach.
All-inclusive snorkeling day tour for $165pp per adult.
Add-on diving and wetsuit hire available. See pricing for details.

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What do our customers say

One of the best snorkeling and scuba diving experiences I have ever had.
It is a far more intimate experience than a lot of the other hot-dog factory tours and Naomi and Josef have between them clocked thousands and thousands of dives and know all the great snorkelling and dive spots.

Where do we go?

We can promise your day with Illusions 2 will be different from mainstream tours starting in Airlie Beach.

Instead of joining others at the crowded Whiteheaven beach, let us show you two beautiful spots locals love to visit.

A day with Illusions 2

About that Cyclone Debbie damage

It is true the Airlie Beach and the Whitsundays got hit hard in 2017 by a strong Cyclone Debbie . A lot of coral, wildlife and property was lost to the storm.

It is not true that Blue Pearl Bay is a marine cemetery, as you may have heard. Coral reef is growing back and fish life is abundant.

We are monitoring the recovery ourselves and all photos you see on our website were taken after cyclone Debbie.

Come and join us to see the new coral grow.

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Customer reviews

See what our past customers have to say about Illusions 2

Brilliant snorkeling and a great day out. The boat trip was laid back and relaxing. The food was delicious!

Beautiful place, great tour, saw lots of turtles and other amazing marine life. Very highly recommended!

If you're looking for an experience of a lifetime, sail on Illusions 2 with Naomi and Josef. I went back for another dive.

A few things we'd like to point out.

As a family run business, we do things differently.
We go that extra mile to make you feel a part of the family and we start by making the effort to know you by your name.

We are a free range boat.
You can move around to find the ideal place for your comfort or to frame that perfect photo. You don't have to sit all day in your seat, in your wetsuit, feeling like you're in a school bus.

We allow the most snorkeling time.
No other day tour in Airlie Beach lets you enjoy the beauty longer - we save time by not making stops at beach bars to help them to boost their sales.

Illusions 2 is never overcrowded.
Also we don't claim to be the fastest vessel. We don't offer speed, however, we offer a relaxing day with plenty of time to appreciate the picturesque scenery.

The kitchen is open while we're underway.
You can make a cup of tea or coffee and munch on a cookie in the galley, sitting in the saloon or relax in the comfortable cockpit.

No age limit on Illusions 2.
Even non-swimmers or first timers can enjoy snorkeling and diving with us.

Join us on our next trip to our favourite Whitsunday locations

There is so much more to the Whitsundays than Whitehaven Beach. Let us show you why people come back again and again with us when they get to Airlie Beach.