Sailing to Hayman Island

We'll start the day by taking you to Hayman Island, part of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park.

Try to spot dolphins, or even whales during the whale season.

Illusions 2 is a comfortable 12 metre catamaran designed for relaxation without crowds.

Plenty of space to sit or lie down, and shelter from wind, rain and sun.


Illusions 2 is a comfortable 12m luxury sailing catamaran.
Our standard route takes us to Hayman Island and Langford Island. Sometimes we have to take a different route though.

A relaxing cruise the first thing in the morning will help you unwind and get ready for the day.

Plenty of space and time to have some fun while underway.
Most of the time, when the weather permits, we're sailing.

Make yourself a cup of tea of coffee while you enjoy the view.

You can see whales during the whale season in winter.
The kitchen is always there for you to make a cup of tea or coffee.
Spacious cockpit provides shelter from the elements.
Our passengers generally prefer to sit outside and enjoy the view.

Next stop: Blue Pearl Bay

About two hours of cruising take us straight to one of the jewels of the Whitsundays: Blue Pearl Bay.

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