Snorkeling at Langford Island

Langford Island beach is actually a sand spit that stretches from Langford Island at the western side to One Foot Island to the east.

It is called One Foot Island because at high tide that is about all the sand that you can see — the rest may be completely underwater.

You are free to snorkel or dive again or walk along this pretty beach, with views across to Hayman, Black (Bali Hai), Arkhurst, Bird and Hook Islands and to Stonehaven.

If you are not feeling that energetic, kick back and relax.


A great place to spot turtles and rays while snorkeling.

Langford Island is a perfect spot for a wedding ceremony.

Next stop: Airlie Beach

After about an hour spent at Langford Island, everybody is usually hungry, so the lunch is served. Unfortunately, it is time to head back.

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