Snorkeling and diving in Blue Pearl Bay

Blue Pearl Bay is on Hayman Island, in the northern part of the magnificent Whitsunday Islands on Queensland's Central Coast.

As is typical of fringing reefs, the range of coral is extensive, with all sorts of hard and soft corals waiting for you to explore their fragile beauty.

Whether you choose to snorkel or take an introductory or certified scuba dive with our own qualified instructor, you will be delighted at the range and diversity of the coral at Blue Pearl.

Free snorkeling tuition is provided for those experiencing this for the first time.


Plenty of locals are looking forward to meet you!
The relaxing morning sail will take you to Hayman Island.

We give the longest snorkeling time out of any of the day tours available in the Whitsundays.

Underwater world of the fringing coral reef shows you many peculiar creatures.
Blue Pearl Bay is not only full of fish. You can see beautiful nudibranch creatures too!

Blue Pearl Bay was wiped out by cyclone Debbie in 2017, but fish life is abundant here and new coral is growing.

Being a part of the fish feeding in Blue Pearl Bay is a wonderful experience.
We can even assist with underwater marriage proposals.
Northern Whitsundays islands offer stunning views. On picture: Raven's cove and the Nara Inlet - one of our alternative destinations.
Come dive with us through a maze of corals and tunnels like no other.
On picture: Raven's cove - one of our alternative destinations we can choose to go to when we can't make it to Blue Pearl Bay.

Next stop: Langford Island

We spend up to two hours in Blue Pearl Bay, before moving towards Langford Island sand spit.

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